What if?

Let me begin by saying this…I am over 50 years old, have raised four children, and am now finding out…I have been very naive.

I have lived my whole life, thus far, believing the best for everyone and everything. I am now learning…that we, as a population in America, are infested with parasites, and no person, Doctor, or anyone else wants us to know.

In 2014, I adopted my daughters Minpin dog due to the alcohol induced decision by my daughter, to take on a gunshot to the chest. She did not survive.

Which brings me to the dog. I took him to the vet, for a wellness check. He had started sneezing, maybe catching a cold, or something, from my adopted cat, which also died.

The vet gave ear drops for an ear infection, again, and we got a round of vaccines for him. Keep in mind, he had been sneezing already, plus, he is about 12 years old.

Trusting the vet, and being a “new” dog owner, I had no clue what was about to occur.

My dog was given his shots, to ward off illnesses, and he had SEVERE reactions! He came close to dying multiple times in the next few months! While treating him for anaphylaxis multiple times, and I forgot to mention, he was also diagnosed with a heart murmer of 5, on a scale of 1-6, I had lots of time to read.

During his constant care, thankfully, I was able to be at home with him, monitoring him, treating him with meds, altering food choices for him, propping my door open so he could get cooler air because nasal passages would swell horribly, alcohol rubs for fever and swollen neck, and he still lives today!

During that time, I did ALOT of research.

My studies brought  me along the paths of…vaccines, meds, foods, herbs, and parasites.

And that is where I found out, that all of my life, inside of me, my dog, and everyone else, are parasites. Living, feeding, causing havoc and illness in our bodies, and yet, no one seems to want us to know.

Parasites, that we cannot see, smell, or feel, most of the time, are sucking the life right out of us…VAMPIRES…if you will.

And…with all of the investigation I have done…the websites, articles, experimentations, and treating my dog, I have come to find out, that just as in the old DRACULA movies…vampires don’t like GARLIC!

There are other foods and herbs that help to ward off parasites, such as cinnamon, cloves, green onion, red pepper, thyme, chicken, oatmeal, and also, let’s not forget about anti-parasitic soaps and shampoos.

All of this multi-faceted approach, has helped me to learn, and understand much more fully, how important it is to eat right, shower very regularly with “good” products, and use the natural foods and herbs that God has provided.

My dog is doing much better after all the vaccines, that almost killed him, and now I will be more knowledgable in keeping both he, and I, healthy. He is still reacting to some things, thankfully, Benadryl has been working for allergic reactions.

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Five Areas of Discipleship

Dave Barnhart's Blog

There are a lot of different ways we can talk about how one follows the Way of Jesus, but my favorite is this one.

Jesus says that there are two Great Commandments: Love God, and love our neighbors. But we love not only as individuals (showing devotion and serving others), but also as a church as a whole (worshiping in a community and doing justice in society).

So, small groups have often talked about making a covenant to pursue these four areas, often called “works of piety” and “works of mercy,” loving God and loving neighbors.


But there is a fifth area that often gets neglected among mainline Protestant churches: witness. Evangelism, which literally means “spreading the Good News,” touches all four of those areas.

The word “witness” means both observing and telling. In worship, we both observe what God is doing among us and tell about it. In devotion…

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Picture of the Day: The 1920s Selfie



vintage selfie 1920 (1)

In this fascinating capture from nearly a century ago, we see the photographers of the Byron Company getting together for a portrait on the roof of Marceau’s photography studio in New York City. Holding one side of the camera with his right hand is Joseph Byron, while Ben Falk holds the other side with his left hand. The remaining three people in the photo are Pirie MacDonald, Colonel Marceau and Pop Core.

The photograph was taken in December of 1920 and is one of 23,000 Byron Co. prints digitized on the Museum of the City of New York’s Collection Portal. You can see an additional portrait of the same group that took place in December of 1920, but I am unsure if it was on the same day.

vintage selfie 1920 (2)

Photograph by The Byron…

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A promise from God…

Proverbs 6:22…Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

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